Omar Hechtenkopf

owner, director




mar  started his career in the animation industry in the year 1989 in Jaime Diaz Studios in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Jaime Diaz Studio’s portfolio of clients were very important American companies like Disney and Hanna-Barbera. In the studio, series like Tale Spin from Disney and Smurfs from Hanna-Barbera were animated.
Omar also worked with Jorge Martin, Director of Catú Cine Animation, a very prestigious Argentinean production house dedicated to advertising, were he assisted animating TV spots.
In the years ahead and without disconnecting himself from the animation industry, he started working in publishing and in 1994, he worked as illustrator for Clarín, one of the most important Argentinean newspapers. His work in Clarín were published in the Science, Health and Arquitecture supplements.
During the same period of time, Omar to work again at Jaime Diaz Studios and is given the opportunity to animate pilots for a new project called “What a Cartoon”. Coincidentally, William Hanna and Joseph Barbera Studios was bought at the time by Turner Broadcasting System, which had established a 24 hours cartoon channel that was growing fast: Cartoon Network. One of the pilots produced by Jaime Diaz Studios narrated the story of a kid that hid from his parents a sophisticated laboratory in their house’s basement: “Dexter’s Laboratory”.
He also participated in 1995 as a guest illustrator for the comic “Cibersix” (Trillo-Meglia) from Meridiana Comix. In the same year, he is part of the illustration staff for Néstor Córdoba, a very important Argentinean animator who led a kid supplement for a known Argentinean newspaper, part of Concordar S.A. company.
Omar also was part of many Argentinean animated feature films:
Animator in Dibu I, Dibu II, Dibu III (Telefe)
Storyboard Artist, Layout and Animation for Condor Crux (Patagonik Film Group)
Animator in Manuelita and Pan Triste films (Garcia Ferré Entertainment)
In 2001, along with 3 partners, Omar starts his own animated company in Buenos Aires, Argentina creating many film, TV and print productions at a national and international levels with important clients such as Cartoon Network, Boomerang, Fox, and Disney Television among others.
Alongside the work done at his animation studio, Omar, continued with his publishing career this time specializing in the comic industry. He published in 2007 “King Cop” in France and in Buenos Aires in 2008.
In 2010 he edited the comic “ El Feo”, publication in 6 series for Fierro magazine (Pagina 12 Editorial) and the same year two books were published “A Beautiful were to rest Bones” and “ Vampire’s Games” (Una Luna Publishing house).
In September 2012, Llanto de Mudo Editorial re edit the publication “El Feo” in a black and white edition with new pages and a new delivery of “King Cop” in the magazine “Antología de Héroes Argentinos”.





 Today, Omar has established a new company: Cabala Animation. This is a studio with headquarters in United States and Buenos Aires and is oriented to the creation of original content along with integrated service production in the areas of animation, digital, print and graphic design.